Onaji Sora World Project: Concept & Rules

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Shall we try chasing after it? That cloud trail
Let's run! Under the same sky

Onaji sora no shita de

We live thousands of kilometres away from each other, separated by country borders, languages and beliefs.
But we all have something in common.
One special story that brought us together.

It could be ten years ago or just a couple of weeks but one day Arashi came into our lives. They made us laugh and cry, inspired us, gave us strength when we felt lost, saved us. Sometimes it is hard to describe how we feel about them but they sure hold a special place in our hearts.

No matter where we are, we are part of one big family of Arashians.
We are all under the same sky. We love the same Arashi.
Let's tell the world just how beautiful this love is.


Our new Arashi World Project will be different from the previous ones. More personal too.
Instead of dancing, we will challenge a new form of art. Photography!
And we will also express our feelings for Arashi in a very special way.

Do you want to know more? Read on!
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Why I didn't I include the postcard I mean I still love super junior I just need some money for the concert and the postcards that's left will serve as a reminder that I once owned a SS3 photobook. :)

BTW: Their thank you message on the photobook has a translation in english.